Is my baby to old for photos?

This is a question that I get asked all the time and the only answer is that it’s never too late to Photograph your baby.

“A baby is classed as a Newborn for the first 28 days “

Does this mean that if your baby is 3 months or older that photos are not possible? NO. Photos are ALWAYS possible. Capturing your Family is all about YOU and how you want to remember your life journey.

What is not common knowledge is that all the squishy curled up images of babies posed in baskets, or buckets happen during the first 2 weeks of life. Most photographers will recommend that you book your session while pregnant. This might sound weird to you as you don’t even know when the baby will be born.

This allows for the photographer to be flexible in their schedule and allow a timeline for when they will be needed. Once you give birth and call your photographer you can pick a definate day and time.

Tip_ For squishy newborn images Book your session for day 5-10.

Before you book your Newborn session it’s best to have a think about the types of images you would like displayed on your walls. If you want images displaying how teeny tiny they are when born then the it’s best to book your session for when bubba is 5-14 days old. If on the other hand you want to wait till bubba has some personality and is more awake and smiley then don’t be discouraged by people telling you photos aren’t possible because they are.

Another thing to consider is that your baby will only fit curled up in your arms for so long and to capture that beautiful image is a memory you will have to treasure forever.

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Why do we recommend 5-14 days? The answer is simple. It generally takes a few days for the mothers milk to “come in” fully and for baby to be feeding properly. During the first 2 weeks baby is still really sleepy and happy to be naked in a warm environment. As baby grows hormones kick in which produce rashes and they are awake for longer times between feeds.

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The older the baby is the less flexible they become also allowing for less possibility of poses.

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Some babies develop their own preferences right from the start and are very unwilling to be placed in certain positions so you must always remember that as your photographer we will always create the best images of your baby on the day so you have images that will be displayed proudly and passed on through the generations.