How important is your kids self esteem?

” Children who grow up with family photo’s being displayed in their home have a higher self esteem and sense of belonging than those that don’t”

Research has found that how many photos people display in the home is directly linked to what they remember being displayed as children. People who grow up in houses with little or no photo recognition tend not to display images of their family also.

In a world of digital technology the chances of children growing up with less images on display is increasing all the time. As a society we put more emphasis on having newer technological devises and less on simpler forms of pleasure.

Although people seem to have more images than ever at their disposal, these are generally of a low quality and kept solely on digital devices. Children rarely see a family photo on their wall any more. Photography  is becoming less about enjoying a family experience with your photographer and having a beautiful image to display in your home, and more about a rushed snapshot that gets forgotten and lost over time because it doesn’t get printed.

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When we think back our “Nanna’s ” always had albums full of images and memories, or frames all over the house with photo’s of the family past and present. At the time most people were embarrassed by this but now if you think about it because of Nanna you have prints and products that have outlived them and will generally ( if cared for ) outlive you and be passed through more generations.

Currently printing is the only archival form of protecting your images though time. Digital media is constantly changing and evolving and unless you keep your files up to date images will get lost. One thing most people don’t think about is that digital files corrupt or get lost in data so you must always ensure you keep multiple copies.

Haven’t you ever had a DVD just stop working ?


Have you tried to open a USB or SD card and it fails to read the data?

These are forms of digital media and technology companies have not yet established a means of preserving them through time. Some believe the future will hold a new “dark ages” as history is now recorded and saved in digital form . There are universities that are currently working on ensuring an archival means of storing data but sadly this is still out of reach.

As a photographer whenever my bubba thinks something is memorable or he has been rewarded or excelled at something he says “take a picture Mamma”. I think an amazing skill I have and will continue to pass on is that moments in life and people we love need to be remembered so our legacy continues.  We do this with photos. Do I think he will be a photographer, NO but he does appreciate art and the memories we capture.

Don’t let your family be forgotten!!!

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