How much influence do you have?

It’s hard to imagine when you become a parent that every move and gesture you make                  is being watched.

When you become a new parents your head will be full from all the advice that is given to you from everyhwere. New mums are encouraged to join groups to aid in the discovery of their journey as a carer. Groups for new parents helps everyone to learn from each other. Things that is tried and works or fails is able to be shared so others can make informed choices in what works for their child. They are also a way gain a new social circle with people in a similar situation. As most new mums are sleep deprived and “feel alone” in their situation a group can help them to gain outside support and knowledge. Parents aren’t the only ones to learn from these groups, young children learn most of their skills through socialisation.

Although it is common for everyone to recommend you to join mothers groups and playgroups as you and your child will both benefit and learn, what people don’t tell you is the biggest influence in your child’s learning is YOU.

Teachers, the media and even your doctors recommend you play alongside your kids and encourage them with books, flash cards, and socialisation so they get an early start on their educational journey.

What no-body makes clear is how dramatically YOUR kids are learning their life skills from YOU everyday with how you talk, walk, clean, and even do the dishes.

The other day my 3 year old came up to me complaining his toy ( a front lift truck ) wasn’t working. It normally has noise buttons and battery operated levers to lift a bin using the front forks just like a real garbage truck. He tells me “No worries Mamma I’ll fix it”. The he goes to the cubbard gets out the battery container and a small screwdriver, and proceeds to unscrew the truck and change the batteries. I try and help but no ” I can do it, I fix  like Daddy”. My bubba has probably watched my husband change hundreds of batteries but when he managed to do it alone I was gobsmacked. Just by watching a simple task my bubba has learnt skill.

CLP Newborn Photography BinTruck-4345      CLP Newborn Photography BinTruck-4348

So many times I get told my bubba has the same mannerisms and faces that we both have. I don’t think it is because we share the same blood but because he watches and learns by copying. Parents put so much pressure on themselves these days to be “perfect parents” and bring up their kids “right” when what we should be concentrating on is being the best possible versions of ourselves we can so our children can learn how we want them to grow up.

By including your children in tasks you do and letting them “help”, no matter how frustrating for you, they learn what is expected. My husband is a “Mr fix-it” and is constantly building or fixing something, his father is the same still and by including our bubba when he starts a task he is already encouraging him on a path of learning. Chores are important for children also. They see you have jobs that must get done and by allocating them tasks that they can achieve to help they also get the satisfaction of a job well done.


Never forget that YOU are the greatest tool you can ever give to your child.