The Pregnancy Stage of a Woman’s life is one of the fastest growing developmental times. You are literally  growing another person– yay you! We know it’s not always comfortable…the cramps, the bloating, the swelling…oh my not feeling so amazing?! All those feelings are normal. My job as your photographer is to make you look and feel amazing for just about an hour. Then you can throw your legs up and eat chocolate the rest of the day! As a Mama  I know how it feels to be pregnant! Pregnancy photos is not only for you, but for the generation to follow. I want my children to know how proud I was to be called to be their Mother and what a privilege carrying them was.

The CLP Photography wardrobe consists of various coverings, wraps and other outfits that you can choose from for your session. If you have a specific want in mind just ask at the time of booking and we will try to arrange it for you. You do not have to purchase any items for your session, but if you prefer your own clothing that is also ok. Any personal items such as jewellery, little booties, ultrasound photo can be incorporated into your session.

All portraits are respectfully photographed in good taste, and nudity is always optional and discreet. Charly will  ensure that you are comfortable with the various poses and each session is tailored towards your needs. Makeup and hairstyling are available for an additional fee.