Do I receive Digital files with my PhotoArt package?

Do I receive Digital files with my PhotoArt package?

The answer is YES. All clients receive a digital copy ( presented in High resolution on a USB ) and archival prints in any chosen PhotoArt package.

Have you thought about WHY you want digital copies of your images?

Is it to save to your phone ( which CLP provides with your App included with your session ), or to share with family and friends on Facebook ( your Photo App can do this also ), did you want to print them out your self ( which is not recommended for true colour and finish ), or was this how you thought you could keep your memories forever?

SORRY but research has shown that we live in a “Digital Dark Ages”, where we now take more images than ever before, and are going to have little or nothing to show of our existance. Technology is changing at such a fast rate that these images are going to be LOST forever.

YOU are NOT ALONE as that vast population stores their information and photos digitally, whether it be the cloud or a hard drive. So sadly in years to come when you want to look back at those memories they will be gone.

YOU WANT TO PRINT, and have every intention of doing so but life gets in the way so they stay on your computer or phone.

CLP provides you with PhotoArt options so you will have memories to pass through the generations as with any option you receive Fine Art prints which are “archival quality”. We also know the importance of gifts which is why your digital files are our gift to you.

So you have your precious memories in hand at all times every session with CLP receives a Photo App with all the images from you viewing gallery. If you lose your phone or it gets stolen we can re-send the App to you at any time so please contact us to let us know. It warms our heart to know you want them with you and share them with your family and friends.

Why should you print with CLP?

Memories get lost to time and life but when you Print, you can re live that moment every time you see Your image. Each time a family member see it on your wall and comments you get reminded of the emotions you felt when creating those memories.

If the worst happened and you lost your phone, your computer crashed you would still have your prints to hold on to. If heaven forbid there was a fire your treasured prints are one of the first things you save I’m sure.

Research shows that a child’s self esteem and self worth is directly linked to seeing images of themselves in their home environment. By seeing themselves and their family in images they learn to find their place in the world and how they “fit” in the family dynamics. By seeing themselves as a baby they learn what growth and change means as the years go by.

So if you don’t want Bare Walls around the house but you DO want to share your memories with your grandchildren one day then Choose to exist in PhotoArt Now.


What do you want your walls to look like?




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