Are Your kids ready for it?

Are your kids ready for it?

Spring has sprung and summer is not far away. Now is the time to be educating your kids and being “Snake Ready” in your household.

Australia is a beautiful country to live but we also have some of the most deadliest snakes in the world.

Do you know what to do when you see a snake?

Instinct says “run, run, run” but really you should stay as still and quiet as you can util the snake passes you by.

The other day we were in the vegie garden and my 4 year old spotted a bobtail lizard. Well he started screaming “it’s a snake, it’s a snake” and runs towards us. Now we tell him every year about what to do but KIDS FORGET. He is only 4 so we have to constantly remind because it’s not in his natural behavior yet.

We also have a dog which we tell bubba to keep close when playing in the yard. As much as we love our dog if she can save my son’s life by scaring away a snake or a possible attack then that is part of her job.

To get your kids and your house snake ready

  • Make kids aware of what to do if they see a snake.

– Never to approach or try to touch a snake in the yard

– If you cross the path of a snake then stand still and try to keep quiet.

– Always watch wear the snake is moving to and then tell Mum or Dad

– If walking in the bush or with long grass then always wear closed in shoes or boots.

– When playing do not put hands into spaces that they can’t see or into logs.

– Show pictures to kids where snakes like to hide.

  • Always check shoes and clothes that are left outside before wearing them because snakes like small dark warm spots.
  • Checking under play equipment your kids might have on the lawn. Some have little corners to hide and if kids are crawling around they can be faced with a snake.
  • Simply having a sealed garden shed to put toys away after play is very helpful as at least you know they are safe.
  • Knowing where your long garden tools are like shovel, rake, hoe etc. Making sure these are not all in one spot but try to place them around the house so there may always be one to find quickly if needed.
  • Making sure you know contact number in your area to call if you do have a snake contained and it needs to be removed. All shires and councils have emergency contact people that are available to help.
  • If the worst happens and someone is bitten then the steps you take to help before someone gets to hospital can be crucial. Health Direct has a great site to help with symptoms and what to do to administer first aid before you can get to a doctor.  

If we all aware and prep our kids even young ones we all stay safer. Teaching kids as much about the different types of snakes is also helpful to you so you remember what the snakes common to your area look like.

Lets all stay safe and enjoy the summer!